Complete your look with fashionable headbands, bracelets, scarves, mittens, and more! All accessories are completely handmade and one of a kind.


Plushies Galore 

Cute little stuffed animals and Japanese style amigurumi. Our plushies make great gifts and we’ll even customize them if you special order it.


Crocodile Stitch!

One of the most beautiful stitches available to crochet. Choose a design from our stock or give us your own ideas for a unique and elegant style that is sure to turn heads. 


Kawaii Illustrations

We don’t just do crochet, either!

Take a look at some more traditional artwork that includes watercolor and acrylic paintings and illustrations. 

Prints and originals are for sale, and we can also do custom work at your request. 

Check out for more details!


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